How to Handle UPS Packages During the Coronavirus [COVID-19]

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During this crucial time, when the coronavirus is spreading so fast and people all over the world need to take extra safety measures to stay safe from this contagious disease. We all need to follow guidelines updated by WHO to stay safe from coronavirus.

UPS employees are following all the safety measure like:

  • Washing hands after some time,
  • Cleaning vehicles,
  • Cleaning shareable equipments,
  • social distancing,
  • cover their face and hands while working,
  • Sneezing / cough in elbow etc.

All these safety measures are necessary to safe themselves and other from this contagious virus. Customers who are using UPS services in these days, they are also advised to follow these precautions for the safety purpose.

UPS is providing all the WHO guidelines to their employees as safety for their employees is required for the safety of the customers. UPS cares for all their employees, suppliers, customers. Delivery facility is available in the coronavirus lockdown.

UPS Services During Coronavirus [COVID -19]

However, UPS services has been suspended guarantee for the shipments of Packages from all location. There are also many changes in the commit time of the packages in some locations.

UPS online services are still available and users can track their parcels online. UPS is taking extra care of all (users as well as their workers) to stay safe from this coronavirus disease. If their occur any other changes in UPS (United Parcel Services) available services. We will update you immediately. But as for now, there are no changes in UPS services in United States. In some countries because of coronavirus UPS delivery services has been suspended in some countries. But in United States there are no such changes in UPS services. All the people are advised to take safety measures to enjoy the UPS facilities.

All the packages are delivered to the customers with proper safety measures. Proper hygiene is taken while shipment of products / packages. All the deliveries are on time in the permitted locations. Users can track the packages delivery status online on UPS official website i.e. UPS .COM.

For any query or concern, customers can contact to their local UPS service providers. They all are available during their working hours. Please take proper safety measures and contact them online rather than visiting offices. Check packages status, sanitize the parcel once received or before using. In this critical situation , taking precaution is the only option to save ourselves from coronavirus disease.

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  1. If I need something returned? The drop off location in my area (LaVale, MD) says they are only accepting emergency item packages at this time?

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