How to know if my shipment is package, freight, or UPS Mail Innovations?

UPS provide many type of services, online as well as at any UPS locations from which you can select the best one suitable for you. In these services , there is one service in which you can know that your package will fall in which category- package, freight or UPS Mail innovation and by knowing […]

How to prepare UPS shipping label online?

Preparing UPS shipping label is very simple but few of you who don’t know how to prepare online or maybe you never taken out the UPS shipping label for shipping your package through UPS and that’s why you are the little bit nervous but here we are going to describe the full method in step […]

Is there any guidelines for packaging UPS shipment?

Yes, there are certain guidelines which you should keep in mind while packing your UPS shipment. If you want to make sure that your package arrives safely with UPS then you should keep some of the points in mind while packaging. these points are discussed in the next paragraph. You can also view this video for more […]

UPS service code in package tracking number

Here we are going to provide the UPS service code in the UPS tracking number.  Whenever you ship your package at the any nearest UPS store, you get a tracking number. This number is given to every package when it is shipped through UPS. This number is actually useful for the tracking the package when […]

How many days will it take for UPS package to be delivered

The package delivery time depends on the various factors like: What is the origin address of the shipment? What is the destination address of the shipment? What type of package you have given to the UPS for delivery like the light package, heavy package etc. Which method you have opted for the shipment delivery, for […]

What time will I receive my UPS shipment if tracking status is “On Vehicle for Delivery”?

If your UPS tracking status is showing that your package is on Vehicle for delivery then this means that your package is reached at your nearest UPS store and is dispatched to the UPS driver and that driver picked your shipment and carrying it to the final destination address. If we ignore the time-bound air […]

What is “Next Expected Tracking Event” in UPS tracking system?

Your package is still inside the UPS network and ought to be delivered on the planned date of delivery of the package. UPS package movement data is noted every time a package label for tracking is scanned in the UPS delivery system. There might be the possibility of the difference between days of scans if […]