Is the UPS Address Validation Street Level API CLASS-Certified?

The UPS address validation at the street level complies with the United States postal service programs. The data which is provided to the UPS for the street level address verification is CASS certified, which assures the highest level of accuracy. CASS certification is known as the highest class of data standardization, and hence the most […]

How Can You Leave a Note on The Door For UPS?

Yes you can leave note for the UPS concerning to the various aspects such as you might not be available at the particular day to receive your delivery of the package, or you may cancel the order by a way of note, you may want to receive the order at some other place and many […]

How Do I Get Technical Support For the APIs?

 An Application programming interface or the API, in short, is the functionality of the UPS with integration to a particular business’s website. In another word the API services of the UPS allows the big business models, such as the E-commerce website to provide their customers with an application programming interface for its users. With the […]

How Do I Contact UPS About The Logistics?

UPS is a very big portal which handles the global logistics or the supply chain management for its customers. Since the UPS is handling such a big portal with a million of the users in its portfolio.UPS has a proper customer care executive portal for handling the various queries of its customers. Sometimes there may […]

Japanese Kanji APIs Characters Can Be Recognized By UPS Developer?

Kanji is the language of Japan’s writing system which is used at a very massive scale in Japan for all kind of writings locally. With the application programming interface from the UPS which is integrated with any business’s official website, to let the users track their packages that are being shipped by that business models. […]

How To Talk a Homosapien at UPS Customer Service?

We know that the UPS is having a very wide Kingdom of its logistics supply chain management across the world since there are the millions of the people which are connected to the UPS for the purpose of delivering the package or the goods from one place to the other. During this chain of delivering […]

Are UPS Packages Insured For Lost Package Claim Process?

When you book your package with the UPS the UPS takes the responsibility of your that package in all means and situations unless the package is delivered to the recipient. In a situation, if any loss happens to the package with the UPS then the UPS will be held liable for such loss. If the […]

Address Recognition at UPS Service and How They Differ?

The Application programming interface requires address validation from the customer’s end to check, that whether the delivery on the given address is possible or not, and what can be done to make delivery possible at such locations. With the address validation at UPI, the UPS will provide the better and the fast services at the doorstep […]

Why Signature is Required For UPS?

There are several categories of the packages that are sent through the courier packages services of the UPS some of them are having a simple form and only requires the normal delivery. While some others are required to be signed by the recipient of the packages, and there are some factors behind such compulsory signing […]