How To Simple Way To Return Sender a Mail or Package?

There would be hardly anyone among us, who hasn’t ever received or sent any kind of mail or package using the postal services. We all have interacted with it in any phase of life since it is an integral part of all of our lives. Generally receiving the mail or any kind of package from the […]

How Do You Define A Mail Box with Barcode?

If you have recently witnessed the USPS mailbox along with a barcode attached to it, which also reads as “Managed Service Point” or MSP we understand it can surely become the centre of wonder for you. This is a recent reform which has been introduced by the USPS in the context of making the USPS […]

Does USPS Deliver on Sunday & Saturday Hours

USPS does not confuse it with the UPS since both of these acronyms apparently look alike but they both represent the two different companies. USPS stands for the United States Postal services while the UPS stands for the United Postal Services they both offer the postal services. Since we are talking about the USPS in […]

Where Can I Find High-Resolution UPS Logos? 

A logo is the official emblem of any corporation’s identity. This logo basically represents the organization as their symbol, and you can find the logo of any organization on their official website or other physical documents of the organization. UPS also has its logo as a symbol of its identity which you can see on […]

Is the UPS Address Validation Street Level API CLASS-Certified?

The UPS address validation at the street level complies with the United States postal service programs. The data which is provided to the UPS for the street level address verification is CASS certified, which assures the highest level of accuracy. CASS certification is known as the highest class of data standardization, and hence the most […]

How Can You Leave a Note on The Door For UPS?

Yes you can leave note for the UPS concerning to the various aspects such as you might not be available at the particular day to receive your delivery of the package, or you may cancel the order by a way of note, you may want to receive the order at some other place and many […]

How Do I Get Technical Support For the APIs?

 An Application programming interface or the API, in short, is the functionality of the UPS with integration to a particular business’s website. In another word the API services of the UPS allows the big business models, such as the E-commerce website to provide their customers with an application programming interface for its users. With the […]

How Do I Contact UPS About The Logistics?

UPS is a very big portal which handles the global logistics or the supply chain management for its customers. Since the UPS is handling such a big portal with a million of the users in its portfolio.UPS has a proper customer care executive portal for handling the various queries of its customers. Sometimes there may […]